تعبير عن حادث بالانجليزي قصير

تعبير عن حادث بالانجليزي قصير

**The Accident**

I was driving home from work one day when I saw a car accident. It happened right in front of me, and I was the first person to stop and help.

The accident involved two cars. One car was a red sedan, and the other was a blue SUV. The red sedan was stopped at a red light when the blue SUV ran the light and crashed into it. The impact was so hard that the red sedan spun around and hit a tree.

I got out of my car and ran to help the people in the red sedan. There was a woman driving, and she was trapped in the car. I called 911, and then I helped the woman to get out of the car. She was shaken up, but she wasn’t seriously injured.

The driver of the blue SUV was also shaken up, but he was okay. He told me that he had been distracted by his phone when he ran the red light.

The police arrived and took over the scene of the accident. They gave the drivers a sobriety test, and they issued a ticket to the driver of the blue SUV for running a red light.

I’m glad that I was able to help the people involved in the accident. It was a scary experience, but I’m glad that everyone was okay.

**Here are some additional details that you could add to your essay:**

* What time of day was the accident?
* What was the weather like?
* What were the conditions of the road?
* What were the ages and genders of the people involved in the accident?
* What were the injuries of the people involved in the accident?
* What were the consequences of the accident?

You could also include your own thoughts and feelings about the accident. For example, you could write about how the accident made you feel, or you could share some lessons that you learned from the experience.

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